10 reasons why wool felt is the best material for shoes

Why do we use wool felt? Why not to make shoes from leather like everyone else?

It is probably our one of the most frequently asked questions. And to be short, because wool felt is the best possible material! And in this article we would like to explain you why by presenting 10 reasons why wool felt is the best material, but of course, there are many more reasons and this article is just the beginning.

1. Wool is flexible and adapts to your feet

Wool felt perfectly keeps its form, but still it is soft and because of extra fine fibres it blends better than other material of same thickness. When you wear our shoes a couple of times, they will adapt to your feet and become the most comfortable shoes you have ever had. Even better than walking in slippers and perhaps as comfortable as wearing bare feet!

2. Wool regulates temperature

Probably the most unique feature of wool is that it maintains comfortable temperature all the year around. So our shoes can be worn from summer to winter with no exceptions, from -25 till +25 C degrees. Wool warms you when there is cold outside and cools when it is hot. Of course, if you live in very hot countries, we suggest you to wear the sandals though, which are already tested in such hot places like Dubai and Thailand.

3. Wool is naturally water-resistant

Wool fibres are naturally covered with lanolin, a "fat" layer that protects from water. This means that water will soak in only if it rains very hard outside (but in this case only rubber boots will save you) or if you step into water intentionally.

4. Wool is durable 

Due to complex cellular structure of wool, this material is very durable and flexible to breakage. You can bent wool felt more than 30,000 times without any worries. Moreover, wool felt is 7 times stronger than cotton. Therefore, our shoes will serve you for a long time!

5. Wool is bio-degradable

Wool is biodegradable, as it can be burned and nothing except for the ash will left, so it does not pollute our world. Though, wool is also not as easy to burn as cotton, for example. Wool ignites only at a temperature about 600 C degrees, while cotton burns at 255 C degrees, while polyester catches alight at around 300 C degrees. As you may see, wool is safer than the other materials.

6. Wool is good for your health

Similar to acupuncture wool felt helps your blood to circulate. Furthermore, wool felt worn an a bear foot improves your skin's well-being and stimulates the work of your neural system.

7. Wool is cruelty free material

To raise a sheep you only need grass, water, fresh air and sunshine. Then, once a sheep is big enough you should cut its hair off, because they have it too much, so it even becomes uncomfortable. Therefore, wool felt is one of the most sustainable materials in the world, since not a single animal is hurt in its production.

8. Wool is light

When you put on a pair of our shoes for the first time, you will be surprised how light they are if comparing to other shoes, especially those we wear in fall/winter seasons. And this is because the porous structure of wool felt, which comprises of millions little fibres that are close to each other, but still located at some distance from each other.

9. Wool is breathable

Because of wool fibres' structure, wool equally easy absorbs moisture and evaporates it, which means you will sweat way less than in any other synthetic or leather shoes. So, your feet will breath in our shoes and you can even wear them without socks!

10. Wool is smell resistant

Because wool breathes, any unwanted odour will evaporate. Moreover, you can take off the insoles that are also made from natural wool felt and wash them in washing machine, if you would decide to refresh them.

Are you now convinced that is the best possible material for the shoes, aren't you? So now it's time to get yourself a pair of truly amazing shoes from wool felt. Enjoy!

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