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The core values of TOOCHE brand is to produce high quality handcrafted goods while taking care of the environment, people and other factors ensuring sustainability.

In this statement we would like to present the main sustainability goals we’re currently working on together with the actions we’re implementing to achieve the goals:

1. Fair renumeration for the workers:

Each pair of shoes or a bag made by TOOCHE is 100% handmade. Therefore, for us it is highly important to maintain high level of salaries for our workers. Our team of workers is an integral part of the brand. We also maintain zero tolerance to any discrimination at workplace.

2. Zero waste:

Each pair of shoes consists of hundred different parts, each of its own unique shape and made of a different material. Therefore, we have many pieces of materials left from the manufactory process. These pieces we furthermore transform into other products, as well as donate to charity organisations, where they are further reused for craft lessons with children or elder people.

Moreover, our products are packed in reusable cotton bags and boxes made of recycled carton.

3. Sustainable use of materials:

We only use materials that maintain the highest standards both in terms of quality and origin. We can ensure that all materials we use were ethically sourced. One of the main materials we work with is Pinatex, a sustainable material made of pineapple leaves fibre. Not only it is made of pineapple leaves which are left as a trash from pineapple farms, but the whole production process of Pinatex does not harm the environment.

The mission of TOOCHE brand is to educate people on sustainability. We believe that if everyone will contribute a little, together we can make a difference!