• What shipping courier do you usually use?

We usually work with Latvijas pasts (Latvian post) or EMS (Express post).

  • In what countries do you deliver ?

We deliver worldwide!

  • How long should I wait for an order to be delivered?

Country            # of working days

Latvia                            2 – 3 days

Europe                          5 – 7 days

Other countries          5 – 10 days

  • Do I need to pay custom duties?

You don't, because we take care of all the duties for you.

  • How can I track my order?

Once your order is shipped you receive an email with a tracking number.
You can insert the number here and receive the latest updates about. If for some receive you didn't receive the number, please write to info@tooche.me and we'll solve the problem

  • Can I return the order?

Yes, but please before contact us.

  • Gift card purchasing

After you've bought a gift card you receive a special code. For example, if you bought a gift card worth 50 EUR and you want to buy shoes that cost 270 EUR, then after entering the code you have to pay 220 EUR (270 – 50).

If you want to buy a gift card on another sum that is not in our list please contact us
and we will send a card designed specially for you!

  • Why do you use Australian wool? How it differs from other wool types?

Wool felt made from Australian wool is the best possible material. It is also called a merino wool. It has a unique feature – it keeps a comfortable temperature. That is why Tooche shoes can be worm from -25 till +25 C degrees. Products made from merino wool are also light, soft and doesn't loose their form. You can find more detailed information about wool felt we use here.

  • How long does it take to make a pair of TOOCHE shoes or a bag?

It usually takes 7 - 10 days to make a pair of shoes and 5 - 7 days to make a bag. If you need it urgently, please contact us and we will make everything possible to deliver them faster!

  • Would my feet become wet if it rains?

No, because our wool felt is very dense, so your feet won't get wet. If you live in a place where it often rains we suggest to choose models on a thicker sole or use a shoe spray that saves from water. Don't forget to take care of your TOOCHE shoes!

  • How can I take care for my TOOCHE shoes?

There is nothing difficult or unusual in taking care of shoes made from wool felt.
Together with each purchased pair you'll get a detailed instructions. Here are they in brief:

• remove the insole and wash it in the washing machine or with a hard brush,
• wet the brush, wipe the dust from the inside,
• wet the brush, remove the dust from felt,
• you can also clean the felt with a dry brush,
• apply a waterproof spray for shoes if needed.
• continue to enjoy comfort in your clean TOOCHE shoes!

  • I like the model from the website, but I want to change some colours, is it possible?

Of course, we are here to make your dreams come true! If you want to make small changes, please write about it in the comments at the checkout. You can also contact us or write to whatsapp (+37127455013) and explain all of your wishes.

We don't charge more for custom made shoes or bags, because for us it's important to give YOU a chance to feel yourself as a designer of your own bespoke shoes!

  • Do you have any guarantee? How does it work?

Yes, when you buy any TOOCHE product you receive two years guarantee. If somethings happens, please immediately inform us by email or buy phone and we will make everything possible to help! 

  • I have problems with my TOOCHE shoes, where can I repair them?

You can contact us and repair them in our workshop or in any other shoe workshop.