Shop collection from Milan Fashion Week

Why wool?

While creating our shoes we were thinking about the nature, that is why we choose wool as a primary material for our creations. It is the best possible material our nature gives us, because it has many incredible characteristics:

  • Thermal control. Regardless of the temperature, wool keeps the most comfortable environment for your body and feet. You can wear wool shoes in severe winter, when temperature falls down to -25 degree C, likewise they can be worn in summer, when sun heats the temperature up to +25 degrees C. Because wool felt breathes, your feet won't sweat.
  • Softness. Wool felt is extremely soft material, so your feet will never be strained. Moreover, due to this unbelievable feature the longer you wear your TOOCHE shoes the more they adjust to the shape of your feet. Just keep wearing your shoes and you will feel as if in a second skin. TOOCHE shoes are also so soft from the inside that you can wear them without socks!
    • Easy to take care of. If your shoes get dirty it is very easy to clean it with a regular shoes brush. Just wait until wet dirt gets dry, as it will go away from your shoes as easy as sand dust. If your TOOCHE shoes get wet after rain or snow, just take our the insoles and let shoes dry in the room temperature and they will be like the new ones! A detailed "take care" instruction is attached to every shoe pair sold.
      • Absorption. We use only wool felt made from 100% wool without any synthetics, as well as the lining, that is why it absorbs water and also freely
        releases it. That is why your feet won't get wet.
        • Lightweight and breathable. Wool is lighter than any other shoe material. Therefore, your feet would never be tired after walking in tooche shoes.

        Wool felt is the best possible material for shoes.