How we produce?

Our shoes are 100% handcrafted by our skilled shoemakers that accumulated experience transmitted by generations. From the old Russian tradition of making Valenki we came to technology that we have now, where still every tiny detail is carefully handmade under our sensitive supervision. Therefore, we guarantee exceptional quality of every pair, not only because we now how to make good shoes, but also because every single pair is made with love and care. It all starts with the creation of an idea.

As almost every pair is custom made all parts of the shoe, their colours and forms are discussed with the client. We take into account all the wishes, even if they seem crazy and non realistic at first. Of course, it is also possible to order models from our collection without changes or with minor ones. Still, every pair would be a little bit different, because everything is handmade. We also take into consideration both feet length and form individually. Did you know that humans are not perfect and symmetric? Have you ever noticed that one your foot feels more comfortable in a shoe than the other foot, haven't you? Don't worry if you have, because it is totally normal – the majority of people have one foot longer than another and here at TOOCHE we do care about it. This is one of the reasons why our shoes are so comfortable.

After client decides on the model, the colours and we take all the necessary measurement we proceed with the creation of a workpiece. It takes many hours to make one. Furthermore, our shoemaker puts the workpiece on lasts that were previously adjusted to the form of client's feet. Future shoes should rest on lasts for a minimum of 24 hours before we continue to the next step that is attaching the rand and the sole. The last step is to insert the insole that is also handcrafted from wool felt and tie the shoelaces. Finally, we present or ship the pair to the client in a beautiful fabric bag together with guarantee certificate and care instruction.