4 reasons why felted wool slippers are best slippers for home

Have you ever heard of felted wool slippers? With the latest fashion industry's tendencies for eco-friendliness, comfort and alternative materials this is definitely a thing to go for. We would love to share some of the reasons to chose felted wool slippers for home and even outdoors. Keep on reading to learn more!

1. Perfect thermoregulation

Felted wool, much like sheepskin, is made to be worn during any season. Wool felt is naturally insulating, keeping your feet cool during the heat of summer, and warm during winter. This ability is thanks to the felt’s fibres, which breath easily. Felt enhances comfort as it is incredibly soft.

2. Feels good and benefits your feet health

Felted wool is breathable and wicking. Natural wool is an anti-microbial fabric that prevents moisture from accumulating and allowing bacteria to spread. Hence, your feet stay dry and not smelly. It’s a win-win situation.

Wool is considered to be hypoallergenic in nature, implying that few people can get an allergic reaction to the fabric. With its non-abrasive nature, wool is an optimal choice for people who have sensitive skin. Furthermore, the special structure of felted wool helps to promote blood circulation in the feet, for better temperature control.

3. Environmentally friendly and sustainable

Organic wool is renewable and can even be recycled for different products like wool dryer balls. Unlike synthetic material-based house shoes, or slippers manufactured with chemicals, wool doesn't hurt the environment. This makes a choice of natural slippers an eco-friendly one. Felted wool is different from sheepskin because it doesn’t cause harm to the sheep. Comparatively, sheep fleeces are cut during the spring so they can stay cooler during warm months.

4. Natural and attainable luxury

Some people would believe that felted wool as a natural fabric looks too simple, but in fact, the natural look of felted wool looks very luxurious in comparison to many other types of slippers and house shoes. A pair of felted wool shoes is a worthwhile investment that will keep your feet comfortable, healthy and happy. What else can you ask for?

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