RED collection from Milan Fashion Week

TOOCHE red collection took part in Milan Fashion Week with the collection "I see" by Esh by Esh brand.

Starring the first deafblind model on the runway in the history. The collection "I see" by designer Elvira Shipitsina empowers anyone to Speak, Be Seen, and be heard and it is the manifest to the burning power of love. Each model from this collection unique made from red wool or Pinatex material.

One of the main colors of the collection is red. Because when you think of love,you think of the color red. Because no matter what the color of your skin, hair or outfit, no matter whether you are deafblind or capable of seeing and hearing - there is red blood flowing within you. Because red is the color that makes you stop and realize something. Because red is one of the last colors a person with diminishing vision sees. Because red is the first color you started to see after you were born. Because red has been associated with help and safety throughout the times – from Red Cross, Red List to red traffic lights when you cross the street. Because the cane of a person with Deafblindness also has red stripes, too. It's red, because we know no other way to make the world a better place and make you recognize how great it is that you can actually SEE THIS.

We believe that a person with deafblindness should have voice in the society, be heard, be seen and speak. To say this we have added golden elements to our designs, to say that silence is not golden in the case of the deafblindness and that love is of biggest value”.

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