ZERO WASTE competition

Dear friends, we're happy to announce TOOCHE ZERO WASTE competition! And it is YOUR chance to sell your design at our website and store!
Here is how to take part:

💥🤔Design any product (shoes, bags, accessories, etc.) that can be created from or using pieces of materials left from creation of our shoes and accessories. The materials that are left are pieces of wool felt, tweed fabric, leather and vegan leather in many different colours; their size ranges from 5 to 25 cm.
💥📩Send us visualisation of your product with a short description of the idea by 03.10.2018 to
💥👍All the design ideas will be published at our social media and design of those participant who will collect more likes will be realised in life and put for sale at our website.
💥💸Profit from sale of the winning design will be split between the competition's winner and charity.

Please share this information to anyone who might be interested in this initiative!

If you need any additional information please contact us at 

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