ANOA Coral sheep slippers
ANOA Coral sheep slippers
ANOA Coral sheep slippers
ANOA Coral sheep slippers
ANOA Coral sheep slippers

ANOA Coral sheep slippers

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Introducing the epitome of luxurious comfort - the ANOA slippers. Crafted for those who seek the ultimate indulgence, these slippers are a marvel of sophistication and warmth. Envelop your feet in the plush embrace of premium, natural sheep's wool that not only offers a cocoon of warmth on chilly days but also ensures a delightful temperature regulation during warmer times, preventing any discomfort from overheating.

The ANOA model boasts a sole ingeniously designed with a high-quality, thermoplastic rubber that promises flexibility and enduring resistance to wear, a testament to its superior craftsmanship. This sole ensures a seamless blend of durability with the soft, luxurious feel of the slippers, making every step feel like a gentle caress. You can wear them both inside and outside of your home!

The slippers' design not only accommodates but celebrates the unique contours of your feet, adapting flawlessly over time to offer a bespoke fit that feels personally tailored to you.

Embrace a universal design that complements any look, making these slippers a versatile addition to your at-home wardrobe. The interior's woolen sanctuary is astonishingly soft, allowing for a barefoot experience that feels both opulent and grounding.

Every pair of ANOA slippers is carefully nestled in a box, making it not just a purchase, but a gift to oneself or a loved one, promising an experience of unadulterated luxury from the moment of unboxing.

While they may initially present a snug embrace, the natural wool will gracefully conform to the nuances of your feet, ensuring a perfect, personalized fit that enhances over time.

  • 100% natural wool 
  • flexible sole made of thermoplastic rubber
  • slippers adapt to the shape of the foot
  • the woolen interior of the slippers is surprisingly soft
  • you can easily wear them without socks
  • suitable for both inside and outside of your home
  • each pair is carefully packaged in a box